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Spiced Monkfish with Carrot & Orange Puree, Carrot & Ginger Salad
When I started cooking, monkfish used to be available free of charge.  Now it really is premium fish.  Monkfish has a tendency to be wet, but in this recipe the spices absorb the moisture.  There is a lovely contrast between the colour... read more
27th November 2019 by Admin
Pheasant Roasted with Smoked Bacon & Sage, with Red Cabbage Salad
It's becoming harder and harder to source wild pheasant, which is very reasonably priced when in season (October to January).  While farmed pheasant is readily available, it is not as flavour-some as the wild bird.  Red cabbage is great wit... read more
21st November 2019 by Admin
Crispy Duck Break with Glazed Butternut Squash
Before cooking duck breasst, rub the skin with sea salt for extra crispness.  Cooking the duck skin side down in a pan that you heat from cold also helps the skin to cook through.  I would recommend serving the duck pink.  The butternu... read more
12th November 2019 by Admin
Derry Clarke's Cream of Spinach Soup with Nutmeg & Poached Egg
  The trick with this dish is not to add the spinach too early. If the spinach is cooked too long, it will lose its wonderful green colour and turn greyish. You want to keep all the vibrance of the fresh leaves. If the soup is not as green as y... read more
1st November 2019 by Admin
White Christmas Cocktail
To make l'Ecrivains White Christmas Cocktail: Mix 35ml of Bombay Saphire 35ml Orange Juice 35ml 20ml Gingerbread Syrup 35ml Lemon Juice One Egg White   Shake in your Cocktail Shaker once as a Dry Shake (without ice) and once as a Wet Sha... read more
1st November 2019 by Admin
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