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We at l’Ecrivain Restaurant we will provide the best possible fine dining experience to all our Guests, be a successful, profitable business and be a rewarding place to work for all our Employees. The Covid-19 Coronavirus Pandemic is an un-prec... read more
22nd June 2020 by Admin
Seared Fresh King Scallops, Bacon, Peas & Cream Sauce
Hi this is one of my favourite dishes, I am sharing this with you for “ Cook Up A Storm “ which is a fundraiser for the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre that support victims of Rape and sexual abuse, Sallyanne has supported this event for m... read more
28th May 2020 by Admin
Online Cookery Course by Derry Clarke Only €30
  Watch Derry Clarke's Online Cookery Course Introduction Video  Derry Clarke's Online Cookery Course from your own Kitchen All Derry Clarke's Videos have step by step guides to make each dish Corresponding Menu for each Course Match... read more
29th January 2020 by Admin
Spiced Monkfish with Carrot & Orange Puree, Carrot & Ginger Salad
When I started cooking, monkfish used to be available free of charge.  Now it really is premium fish.  Monkfish has a tendency to be wet, but in this recipe the spices absorb the moisture.  There is a lovely contrast between the colour... read more
27th November 2019 by Admin
Pheasant Roasted with Smoked Bacon & Sage, with Red Cabbage Salad
It's becoming harder and harder to source wild pheasant, which is very reasonably priced when in season (October to January).  While farmed pheasant is readily available, it is not as flavour-some as the wild bird.  Red cabbage is great wit... read more
21st November 2019 by Admin
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